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The following inventions are Intellectual Property of RIC Enterprises. Please contact us for development and commercialization opportunities!

Wind/Water Energy Innovations

Wind Energy Harvesting System on a Frozen Surface

Canadian Patent 2,644,942 Issued 8/7/12 (Dr. Mithra Sankrithi)

Fluid-Dynamic Renewable Energy Harvesting System

US Patent 7,750,491 Issued 7/6/10 (Dr. Mithra Sankrithi)

Wind Energy Harvesting System on a Frozen Surface

US Patent 7,714,457 Issued 5/11/10 (Dr. Mithra Sankrithi)

Solar Energy Innvoations

Inflatable Heliostat 2

US Patent 8,127,760 Issued 3/6/12 (Dr. Mithra Sankrithi)

Surya (Inflatable Heliostatic Solar Power Collector)

US Patent 7,997,264 Issued 8/16/11 (Dr . Mithra Sankrithi)

Inflatable Heliostat 1

US Patent 5,404,868 Issued 4/11/95 (Dr. Mithra Sankrithi)

Automotive Innovations

Crossover Motor Vehicle with a Cargo Bed

US Patent 7,431,366 Issued 10/7/08 (Dr. Mithra Sankrithi & Siva Sankrithi)

Recreational Vehicle with Integrated Pickup Bed

US Patent 6,899,375 Issued 5/31/05 (Dr. Mithra Sankrithi)

Recreational Innovations


US Patent 7,240,908 Issued 7/10/07 (Dr. Mithra Sankrithi)